Hello 2019

So, I might be a couple of weeks late to the welcoming of the new year, but I started the year on a mission to get organized and decluttered. And that is exactly what I have been doing.  Having a huge sort out and creating space. Since down sizing a few years ago, it’s all I ever seem to be doing. But there was so much I was hanging onto that I have finally let go of. Wedding cards after divorce for instance. DO NOT SPARK JOY.

I have also thrown out things that I truly don’t know why I still had them. Gallstones. And part of my knee cap. I guess throwing yourself in the bin is a hard thing to do. It was. I held on to them because… there is no real answer. Just because they are a bit of me. Even though gallstones should not be a bit of anyone. They caused immense pain, a serious case of pancreatitis and eventually an operation to remove my gall bladder. I also have a little box filled with tooth fairy loot. It contains the teeth of my four kiddos. They are all mixed up so  I have no idea which tooth belongs to which child. I am wondering if they will spark joy one day for any of them. I’m guessing probably not..

My goals this year:

To be as low waste as possible. And I am so glad I came across the “low waste” as I was aiming for zero and failing miserably. But low waste, now that  is achievable ( I came across this thanks to Immy’s you tube channel at Sustainably vegan )

I really want to pass my driving test.

I’d like to get back to what a plant based diet should be and cut out the junk.

Open an Etsy store filled with all my homewares that I have collected along with crochet blankets.

Be outdoors as much as possible.

I’m doing a whole year of buying as little as possible. It took me a long time to realise I was hiding my sadness over Reiss and Tia behind endless shopping trips. And I wish I had got the help my doctor tried to give me.  Instead I am still paying off credit cards for stuff I no longer own. That is a sorry mess on so many levels.

I want to be proud of my Interior Design business Feather and Thorn

I would also like to add a vegan friendly item of food to the food bank collection box when I do my own food shopping.

Listen to a podcast a day.

I have a few other goals too.

What is your number one goal for this year?

love, nikki h xo

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