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Happy 2018

Hello world, happy new year.

Is it just me or are you still also catching up with it being 2018?? My kiddos are not back at school till next week so it feels very much like we are all still on holiday, especially when there is packets of tree shaped pretzels to be eaten. I have to keep reminding myself that it is back to work. I find that a problem working from home, is finding personal space that doesn’t mean I have to move a heap of toys or clothes. And time to actually work without one of them needing something. So getting organized work wise is high on my priority list for this year. As I have always been a complete planner addict and always kept a journal, so i have decided to give bullet journaling a try. I have pinned a squillion pics on pinterest for ideas on what to add. People are so creative!! To get started I purchased a set of journal  templates

Some gorgeous washi tape (really love the days of the week and the marble ones!!)

some new pastel highlighters

And of course, a new journal 😉

I have so far created a year to view double spread, a goals page, a page for restaurants and cafes that I would like to try, and savings goals. I will also be adding health goals tracker and my 40 before 40 list. Yes, it will have EVERYTHING. But I think that is the point, to have an all in one. I purchased Carrie Greens planner for business, but it is way to big to carry around (I still love it, it is a perfect planner for setting out your business goals)

Last year I was so focused on finishing my interior design course, and I still cannot believe I actually have a diploma in interior design!! Dare to dream big, its what will take you places. To say a great big well done, I rewarded myself with a new laptop. I have read so many times that rewarding yourself for your achievements is important. You have to be super proud of yourself. But i have never spent so much on anything!! I needed a new laptop and had not treated myself to anything in a long time so thought why not (after a long time of umming and ahhing over whether I should..) I love it and highly recommend getting one if you are in a need of a new laptop for work.




My goals for this year is to make my interior design business into a recognisable brand. I have so many ideas but some of them I have no idea where even to begin.. anyone know a sofa manufacturer?! As I said, dream big..

My other goal is just simply looking after me. I should be living a healthy lifestyle as a vegan, but I manage to pick out all the junk. Also, exercise… I do not even remember the last time I actually made the effort. So this year, I am gonna make a huge effort to look after myself. I’m going to dig out  my Charlotte Crosby exercise DVD that I used before and dropped a dress size in two weeks!! So I know it works..

I made a 40 before 40 list on my last birthday, I really need to get a move on with ticking things off that list too!!

What are your goals for 2018?

dream big its what gets you places

love nikki h xo

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