Hello and welcome to my blog

My name is Nikki and I am a mama to four amazing kiddos (including twins) after a heart breaking journey into motherhood. My first baby boy was stillborn and then my second baby daughter died during a blood transfusion at 10 days old from septicemia. I still pinch myself that i ended up so lucky, but it is a struggle live a full happy life.

Over the years i have made some big life changes. I completed a course in Interior Design and i graduate in November 2017. It was something i had wanted to do for such a long time but serious lack of drawing skills prevented me from trying until one day i decided to go for it. I passed with flying colour’s and i set up my design business, Feather and Thorn.

It also merges another big change i made a year ago, becoming a vegan. I had been a vegetarian since the age of 12 but made the change last November and have not looked back. I have started to design homes using vegan friendly products to help people understand there is kinder options to leather, down, silk and wool. I also love to design for small spaces and can help with decluttering.

I down sized in property a few years ago to save for my forever home. But once here, i had a melt down with realizing we had too much stuff. Since then i have been on a minimalist mission to live a simpler life. My blog is all about the journey through all my lifestyle changes.